Fabre Asansör commenced business in 2005 with the vision of
becoming a leading name in the elevator sector based on our core competence; the production and service of customized solutions that comprise a tailored range of elevator cabins, frames and doors.
Looking back over this period, which has demonstrated strong
demand for our products from industry leaders and seen CE, TSEK, ISO 9001/OHSAS 18001 accreditations, it is very rewarding to see the progress that has been made towards realizing our vision.

The elevator sector today faces many challenges, cyclical demand, reduced margins, and relatively low scale efficiency, leading to many small firms being unable or unwilling to grow. It is often argued that the preponderance of small firms clearly implies that the Turkish elevator sector performs poorly and that the market tolerates inefficient  structures with high cost.

The impact of competitors basing their offer on lower cost and more flexible commercial structures clearly challenges the effectiveness of the traditionally accepted sector business model. In the next decade, we believe there will be w tendency for most companies in the sector to abandon operations where they are at a substantial cost disadvantage relative to the services offered by incumbents with more focused core activities. More importantly, market tolerance for small firms will be limited, preferring partners able to deliver improved efficiency, continuous innovation and lower cost. Fabre’s ability to transform some of those traditional fixed costs into variable costs presents an attractive proposition fort he sector.

Fabre is convinced that the elevator business in Turkey has the momentum and dynamism to catalyze and sustain our  development efforts. Building on our success to date we will continue to strengthen the competitiveness of our core business areas through the identification and delivery of both significant value added propositions and creative solutions for our institutional clientele in elevator sector.
Thank you in advance for the confidence that you show in our ability to meet your demands and expectations.


  • Müşteri ve Çalışanına Artı Değer Sağlayan,
  • Kaliteli Ürün ve Hizmetleri ile Geniş Kitlelere Erişen,
  • Toplumsal Sorumluluğunun Bilincinde,
  • Etik Değerlerine Sadık,
  • Güvenilirliği,
  • Kalite Yönetim Sistemi,
  • Ürün Çeşitliliğinde Öncülüğü,
  • Uzman Personeli ve Müşteri Odaklı Hizmet anlayışıyla ilk akla gelen ve Tercih Edilen Kurum

Fabre Elevator


  • Müşterilerimize bütün faaliyet alanımızla ilgili ürün ve hizmetleri kalite ve etik değerlerden ödün vermeden her seferinde beklentileri aşarak sunmak,
  • Sektöre yön veren bir kurum olarak araştırma ve geliştirme faaliyetlerini üretime dönüştüren bir marka olmak.

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