Our Environmental Values

As Fabre Elevator Top Management; In order to ensure that it controls environmental protection and environmental risks and improves its performance, it has established and implements the Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System standard, taking into account the conditions it has committed to meet in line with reference standards and applicable legal requirements.

As Fabre Elevator Top Management, we are determined to show the necessary compliance and importance to the Environmental Management System that we started to implement and to allocate the necessary resources in the most appropriate way.

It is among our primary priorities that all our employees, visitors and everyone in the environment we live are willing and constructive to prevent pollution.

One of the most important elements in the corporate vision, “To take measures to reduce the use of resources and environmental pollution with all kinds of materials and methods we use in our products and production”, Fabre Elevator; By promoting integrity between the Environmental Policy and legal legislation and business processes, it encourages the implementation of planned and systematic studies within the scope of the Environment and trying to prevent environmental pollution with permanent solutions.

Our goal in the Environmental Management System is “To Protect The Environment And Provide A Framework To Respond To The Changing Environmental Conditions In Balance With Socioeconomic Needs”.

Environmental Policy

As Fabre Elevator Top Management and All Employees;

We are Aware of Our Environmental Responsibilities.

  • We have adopted the principle of complying with or even exceeding the standards on human health, safety of the business and environmental protection.
  • Fulfilling the Legal Responsibilities we have on the Protection of the Environment and the Nature, and Implementing the Applicable Legislation and Standards,
  • By Determining All Risks Possible As A Result Of Our Activities; To work to reduce the negative effects on the environment and to prevent pollution at its source as much as possible,
  • We Will Provide Human, Technological and Financial Resources Required for Efficient Use of Energy and Reducing Our Environmental Effects, Using Environmental Resources Including Environmental Emergencies and Risks.
  • With the awareness that we borrow the environment we live in and leave a livable environment to our children, to help our stakeholders understand the ecological environment systems they live in, understand their place in the system, and gain the skills and habits in the direction of active participation in the solution of environmental problems,
  • We will keep the Environmental Management System and Activities we implement as a Social Task in the Planning and Implementation of All Our Processes, and We Will Keep it Open to the Inspection of the Related Parties and Public Information,

We Undertake To Ensure The Continuity Of Environmental Quality Within The Total Quality Management Integrity.